Sunday, April 08, 2018

Bonis picks up first win

Silveran Kanan Bonis didn’t have his best control, but was able to battle through innings and benefit from a Chicago offensive explosion for his first Superior League victory.  Bonis allowed 2 runs, walked 5, and struck out 5 in 5.1 innings of a 10-2 Chicago victory.  On the season he is 1-2 with a 4.41 ERA.  He has 20 strikeouts in 16 innings.

As a hitter, Bonis has hit .308 with a homer in 13 at bats, and has looked good playing the outfield.

Yodano Ventura to debut this week

Yodano Ventura, one of the best prospects in baseball, will make his debut later this week.  The 23 year old from Dagobah struck out 10 in a 7 inning 3 hitter for his final minor league start.

Ventura was the 5th overall pick in the 2015 draft.  He has paid his dues in the minors, with a 12-7 record, 2.27 ERA in AA 2016, and in AAA for 2017 he struck out 211 in 183 innings.  Ventura throws his fastball 96-98 MPH, and also features an above average curve and developing screwball.

Las Vegas finally loses

The Gamblers started the season 9-1 and with Joe Callahan on the mound, were very close to 10-1.  Riding a Manny Nunes 3 run homer, Vegas took a 6-2 lead to the bottom of the 9th against the NY Knights.  Brad Silvera started the inning, but after allowing the first two runners to reach base he was replaced by closer Alejandro Chavarria.

Chavarria didn’t have it.  After a single loaded the bases he walked Pat Anderson and Robert Zoffinger to make it 6-4.  A flyball to center field looked like a potential escape of the inning, but Alfonso Gorin dropped it to allow 2 runs to score and move the other runners up to 2nd and 3rd.  Kent Garner was intentionally walked, and Martin Brito ended the game with an RBI single.

Still, at 9-2 the Gamblers are off to a hot start and lead the division by 3 games.

Manager Ray Brooks is very happy with his squad.  “Last year was tough.  I was trying to figure out managing while still catching almost every day.  This year I can concentrate on managing.”  In addition, GM Boba Fett has improved the roster Brooks has to work with.  “Manny Nunes is amazing, both behind the plate and at it.  He could be an MVP.  Gorin and Zepeda will help us score more runs.  For the first time in a while I feel like this team can compete on both sides of the ball.  We also had some serious attitude problems last year.  Players who were not happy and making things worse for everyone.  I am glad Boba has moved them out and replaced them with competitors.”

No idea what the Shockers were thinking

The LA Shockers seemingly found themselves with a bargain power bat this offseason, signing Alex Maldonado to a 2 year contract for 19.2 million.  Between the Florida Penguins and Denver Rabbits last season Maldonado hit 38 homeruns.

He only lasted 3 games with the Shockers, including a debut where he homered.  After 3 games his batting line stood at 3 hits in 12 at bats when the Shockers GM Jeffrey Lewis suddenly decided to go in another direction, placing Maldonado on waivers.  No other team claimed Maldonado, which would have required them to pay the full contract.  He was designated for assignment, a status which lasts for 3 more days.  It is unknown at this point whether he will accept assignment to their AAA team, a trade will happen, or the team releases him.

Teams will have to follow his status closely as while Maldonado is not a strong fielder, he does swing a premium power bat.  If he is released, the Shockers can congratulate themselves on flushing nearly 20 million dollars down the toilet.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Cisco to retire

Jake Cisco announced his retirement after one week on the Penguins opening day roster.  Cisco, 40, signed with the Penguins last season after falling one hit short of 3000 for his career.  He did not get into a major league game in 2017 however, as he was injured while playing in AAA.  He resigned with the Penguins to give it one more shot.

On opening day, Cisco lined a single over the head of the shortstop in the 5th inning for number 3000.  Later in the week he pinch hit and picked up #3001.  With Gerald White Jr. back from the disabled list, there was no more roster space to keep him, and Cisco announced his retirement as a member of the team for which he had his greatest seasons.  In addition to 3001 hits, Cisco finishes with 549 homeruns.  He was MVP in both 2003 and 2004, and is one of the few players in league history to win a triple crown.

Cisco is considering remaining with the Penguins organization to teach the art of hitting to the next generation of players.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Signings through 12-31

Jebediah Muttonly, Haw, 4/6.0
Sean Fordham, FLA, 2/4.0
Kana Wake, Bal, 1/1.18
Alonzo Zepeda, LV, 2/14
Eric Lemon, Den, 3/8.4
Matt King, STL, 3/30.9
Ervin Russell, MIA, 2/9.36
Elvis Henson, Por, 2/3.8
Maleke Sopunu, Por, 1/1.0
Mike Garciajawa, LA, 1/3.04
Harry Archer, Utah, 3/17.5
Shane Kosenski, Por, 4/21.6
Scott Meyer, FLA, 2/20
Danny Almonte, Tor, 2/65
Jose Barrera, CHA, 2/16
Rafael Hernandez, Pho, 5/85
Jered Aybar, Pho, 5/79
Kermit Crawford, Det, 1/2.96
Brad LaRatta, Mars, 2/13.5
Vince Everts, Den, 2/6.8
Ernesto Lopez, Cle, 3/35.4
Scott Klippenstein, Den, 3/21

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Signings 12-18-17

Jake Richardson signs with the Shockers for 3 years, 46.8 million

Doug Dodson signs with New York Knights 3 years, 43.8 million

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Signings 12-16-2017

Doug Guzman, PHO 4/29.6 
Alex Maldonado, LA, 2/19.2
Andy Donnels, POR, 2/2.5
Manny Lugo, CHA, 4/28.6
Jorge Gallardo, NYK, 120.8

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Major signings for week 12/11-12/15

Donnie Donewicz, 1/2.12, BA
Saul Dejesus 1/1.2, Por
Sancho Pandaval, 3/17.3, Por
Brian Sanders, 2/14, Pho
Felix Bacani, 3/46, BA
Nick Barden 3/13.8, NYK
Jason Curry, 1/1.66, LA
Tim Perez, 3/28.7, BAL
Alfonso Gorin, 3/25, LV
Cesar Corona, 5/37.5, NYC
Darin Sanchez, 5/106, BOS
Tyrell Brock, 2/1.92, LOU
Todd Merkich, 2/5.12, NYK
J Tusken, 1/1, NYC
Carlos Padron, 2/8.44, MIA
Bjorn Frostad, 4/72, Den
Alberto Mitre, 2/7, Utah
Chad Richardson, 7/90.1, BA
Marcos Dominguez, 4/59.24, Utah
Rey Nunez, 3/26.4, CHA

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Starting pitchers sign

George Taylor will stay with the B's for 4 years and 84 million.

Eric Rodriguez goes to Baltimore for 2 years and 39.6 million.

Buddy Dervish has signed

After a fallout with team management over not attending a White House championship celebration, Buddy Dervish resolved to move on. 

Having been raised in the North Pole, Buddy looked to find a team that played in cold weather.  The Alaska Snow Sox, as usual, expressed interest but failed to meet his price.

Buddy continued his search for a new home team that, in his words, would keep him as chill as a penguin.

And just like that, Buddy accepted a 6 year contract with the Florida Penguins.  He will receive 201,480,000 over the deal.