Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Bay Area sends center fielder Tyrell Brock to Orlando in exchange for catcher Jason Rosario.  Rosario will get a chance to start for Bay Area, as Optimus Minor may need knee surgery.  Brock has a chance to win the CF job in Orlando, which has been a problem for years.

Bubba Goes Yard

Bubba Lewis became the first Jawa to hit 500 career homers with a blast against Alaska on August 1st.  In the second inning, Bubba saw a hanging slider from Snow Sox right hander Felix Bacani and sent it into the gentle Hawaiian breezes.  The Hounddogs would hold on for a 4-3 win.

Bubba, 42, is hitting .220 with 15 homers and 37 RBI on the season, numbers far short of his peak years in Boston, where he loved to "doink" doubles off the green monster when he wasn't blasting balls over the fence.  Manager Nomad Garciajawa though says Bubba is in no danger of losing his job.  After all, Bubba still leads the team in homers and walks, and his average is only slightly worse than the team's overall .233 figure.

"Bubba has been great for the young guys.  He still has a great approach at the plate and they can all learn from him. I hope he considers coaching when his career is done" says Nomad.

Bubba says the home run makes it official that this will be his last year.  "The game is getting harder and harder.  I know I can still hit, but I think once this year is done I'll finally have a chance to relax."

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Dunn deal

The Utah Utes have acquired Adama Dunn and Willie Gomez in exchange for SS Chad Richardson.

Battle Trap believes this move will allow the team to further utilize the bases loaded offense.

Edit:  the deal will also include backup catcher Benji Lopez, heading to Louisville.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


The Detroit Devils have acquired ace starter CC Salbacca.  To get him they will send last year's #1 overall pick, Robb Stark, to the Snow Sox.  The Sox will go back to the drawing board and attempt to rebuild around the king of the north.

The Penguins fill their catching hole with Kurt Kawasaki, a soon to be free agent.  While Otto Tingley was playing well, he can't help the team from the disabled list.  Boston will receive a second round pick and minor leaguers James Batts and Doug Chavez.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Hitters of 2014

About halfway through the year, there have been 4 no-hitters.

On May 9th, Elvis Henson beat Phoenix 1-0, walking one and striking out 7.

On June 14, Portland's Ricardo Diaz Struck out 9 Cobras, walking only Gehrig Bear, and winning 4-0.

On June 22, Florida's Doug Guzman set down the Bandits 2-0, with 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.  The very next day Mike Hoffman of the New York Knights beat Louisville 5-0, with 2 walks and 6 strikeouts.

Some other notable highlights:

6-17 Bryan Hastings pitches 10 innings for St Louis, allowing 3 hits, 0 walks, and 13 strikeouts.  He leaves a 1-1 game with a no decision, and St Louis falls in the 11th.

6-27 Pedro Lewis beats Stephen Hamburg 1-0 in probably the best pitcher's duel of the year.  Hamburg allows a second inning RBI double by Butters Stotch, and nothing else, striking out 10 in 8 innings.  Pedro pitches a 1 hitter, with zero walks and an APBA season high 15 strikeouts, for a game score of 100.

3 Homer games -

Alex Maldonado (7 RBI)
B.J. Lewis (4 RBI)
Jason Durazo (7 RBI)

Joe Young, at age 38, is having another triple crown season.  He leads both leagues with a .362 average, 23 homers, and 76 RBI.  He has played 70 of Miami's 82 games.  Kenny Anderson Jr. leads all runners with 79 steals (in 96 attempts).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Calamari State to the Sweet Sixteen!

Former APBA manager Admiral Ackbar is now coaching basketball, and his team, Calamari State, pulled off a surprising upset of UK (University of Kashyyyk).

Most analysts favored the Wookies' advantages in rebounding and shot blocking, but Ackbar's squad forced 33 turnovers with a relentless series of traps.

Unfortunately, the Cinderella ride likely ends here as all 5 starters will be unable to play against Sith University on Thursday, as they need time to regrow their limbs.  After the game, the enraged Wookies tore arms and legs off the Mon Calamari and ate them, because 1) Wookies hate to lose, and 2) Calamari tastes good.

Their backups are 40 point underdogs against the Sith, who advance after obliterating Alderaan.  The Sith coach had only to say "All is proceeding as I have foreseen".

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kobe signs extension

The Los Angeles Shockers have signed 36 year old shortstop Kobe Jones to a 2 year, 48 million dollar extension covering the 2015-2016 seasons.  Jones had been signed through 2014 at 18 million.

According to Kobe, no negotiations were necessary.  The Shockers, who have a large number of contracts coming off the books after 2014, approached Kobe with the offer.  Kobe kept his composure and simply said "OK".

Kobe is not the only Hall of Fame bound shortstop who would have been headed for free agency.  The countdown is now on for Brett Solo, who is heading into his final season with the New York Cobra.  Brett, 32 years old, is reportedly looking for a 10 year extension.

Winter Meetings

George White gets the biggest deal of the day, taking a 175 million, seven year deal with Bay Area.  Silvanos Tonka, coming over from the Elven League, received contract offers by sealed bids.  It should surprise nobody that once the bids were unsealed, Brad once again stood tall, menacing, and goateed with the winning bid.  Tonka will receive 162 million over 7 years.

Hawaii broke out some of their hoarded revenue sharing funds to sign Derek Seitzer for 6 years and 120 million.  This matches the deal received by former Hounddog Jered DeMario.  Seitzer will see 56 million of that in his first season.  Andy Roughton gets almost as much (114 over 6) to pitch for Springfield.

Other pitching contracts:
Joseph Smith Langford 5/60 to NY Knights
Eric Rodriguez 4/54 to Toronto
Joel Camels 3/36 to Toledo

Brad also gave out the largest multiyear deal ever to a closer, signing Jon Papelbrad for 8 years and 100 million.  Green Day, also in the market for a closer, get Steve Kepler for 5 years and 57.5 million.

The Florida Penguins take perhaps the best position player in second baseman Joey Howell, for 6 years and 96 million.  Some compare Howell to Robinson Cano, without the short right field porch of Yankee Stadium.  He's a regular .320 hitter with enough pop to hit 15-20 homers, plays very good defense and can steal a bag.  The best shortstop, Alex Guerrero, gets 7 years and 119 million from Detroit.

George Frog, who had a .400 OBP last year, sticks in Toledo for 78 million over 6 years, and Bob Brady will get 72 million over 6 from the Knights.  Penguins pick up veteran Otto Tingley for 2 years and 12.5 million.

Chicago resigns 50 steal man Alfonso Gorin for 4 years and 40 million, and then solidifies their rotation by trading reliever Jon Mexico to Miami for lefty Jason Curry.

Bud McNamara, age 41, heads home to Orlando for 5 million, where he expects to be the DH.

Reggie Stocker, the number 1 overall pick in 2008, was mostly a disappointment to the Snow Sox.  He hit 31 homers with 109 RBI as a rookie, but never matched those numbers over the next 5 years.  All is forgiven though, as Detroit pays for potential to the tune of 110 million over 6 years.  Miguel Fernandez, a power hitting, strong throwing right fielder who will swing at anything, gets 90 million over 5 years.

Some more signings:
SS Orlando Veras, Charlotte, 4/36
SS Jim Concepcion, Springfield, 5/62.5
DH Leroy Brown, Springfield, 3/42
CF Eddie Cedeno, Charlotte, 4/50
3B Mike Conner, Alaska, 3/21
3B Elvis Dixon, Phoenix, 2/14
3B Justin Headley, Texas, 3/21
3B Dennis Affleck, Charlotte, 3/21
3B Chris Gruber, Louisville, 3/15
1B Andy Moore, Texas, 3/30
DH Ho Chi Fat, NY Knights, 3/30
2B Rey Nunez, Phoenix, 4/40
1B Hal Glover, NY Cobra, 1/7

The New York Cobra then pull off a shocking trade, dumping the salary of Ricky Buckley to Texas.  Buckley was traded along with minor league shortstop David Walker for minor league infielder David Jackson and reliever Vince Everts.  Buckley had fallen out of favor with manager Juan Biras, who thinks backup Juan Biras did less to lose in the playoffs last season.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Big Fish off the Market

The New York Cobra announced today that RF Keith Lee has resigned with the team.  Lee, considered the best available free agent in this years class, will get a nice pay increase as part of the new contract.  The new pact will pay him 24 million dollars per year for the next 5 years.  Previously, Lee joined the Cobra after the 2005 season after signing the "Manny Ramirez" contract, 160 million over 8 years.  At 34 years of age now, Lee's new contract won't top the old one in terms of total dollar value, but does represent a 20% increase on a contract that was already large.

In other news, it is rumored that a dark elf may be offered up by the elven leagues...stay tuned.