Monday, July 03, 2017

Keith Lee Day

New York Cobra announced that Keith Lee would be playing his final game for the team.  Lee is struggling and despite being under contract through 2018, the team had to make a move.  

Before the game against the Denver Rabbits, Lee was honored by team executive Brad Boomer, former managers Eddie Bird and Juan Alou, commissioner Manfred Mueller, former teammates Roger Chillingworth, Joe Thomas, Pudge Fernandez, Bob Zygyk, Stuart Coppolla, as well as current veteran teammates Chad White, Rudiger Rocker, and Pedro Lewis.

Lee has played 12 seasons in New York, won 2 championships with the team, and has 3210 hits and 415 homers.

Lee popped up to second base in the second, singled in the fourth, and struck out in the 7th.  Lee played the full game, and caught a flyout by Pete Stallone to end the 8th.  Buddy Dervish pitched a 3 hitter over 8 innings, and Jon Papelbrad pitched a scoreless 9th as New York won the game 1-0.

Lee has not announced his retirement, and will be eligible to sign with any team.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Draft

With the first pick in the 2017 OOTP amateur draft, the Mars Eyebiters select Jeffrey Anderson, right handed pitcher, from Stanford University.

Nicknamed "The Scorpion", Anderson has a classic pitcher's build at 6'5 and 220 pounds.  He features an explosive fastball that can touch 98 miles per hour.  His changeup is a potential 80 pitch, coming in around 90 MPH with excellent fade and deception.  In addition, Anderson's curve, slider, and forkball are all potentially above average pitches.  Anderson has good control and enough stamina to pitch deep into games.  He checks all the boxes as a future ace starting pitcher.  For Stanford Anderson went 10-3 with a 1.50 ERA, striking out 202 batters in 119 innings.

Denver is on the clock.

Denver Rabbits select Harry Knight, high school outfielder from Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

Knight is a potential 5 tool player with a good eye at the plate.  He's 6'3, weighs 180, and bats right handed.

Charlotte Hawks select George Dixon, right handed pitcher from Michigan University.

Dixon throws 96-98 MPH and throws a curve, slider, change, splitter, and forkball.  All are potential average pitches.  He was 11-3 with a 1.90 ERA and 167 strikeouts this year.

Springfield selects outfielder Juan "Rattler" Diaz from Haverhill high school in Massachusetts.  Cruz projects to hit for high average with elite power.  His speed and defense are below average, with his eventual role likely to be corner outfield or possibly first base.

Detroit selects Chris "Cool Papa" Murray, a high school outfielder/first baseman from Newport News Virginia.  Murray is an elite hitting prospect who should hit for power and average.  His speed is well below average and he will likely play first base at the next level.

Portland selects OF Michael Vaughn, high schooler from Bronxville NY.  Vaughn has top of the line power and solid average speed.

Louisville selects LHP Manuel Sanchez from East Carolina,  Sanchez can hit 100 MPH and throws a change and a splitter.  If he can't develop his secondary pitches as a starter he could be a late inning reliever.

Green Day selects Michael Simpson, high school RHP from San Antonio.  Simpson throws in the upper 90s with a slider and changeup.

Baltimore selects CF Jason Robinson from East Carolina.  Robinson is a speed demon with good on base skills, though he struggles a bit making contact against high level stuff.  He could develop above average power.

At #10 Philadelphia selects high school 1B Brian "Big Thunder" Rhodes from Sharpsburg GA. Big Thunder doesn't move too well but has great power and all around solid hitting skills.

St Louis selects CF Tim Hollingsworth from Georgia Tech.  Tim doesn't have much pop in his bat but has solid contact skills, strong defense, and is probably the fastest player in the draft.

Las Vegas selects LHP Ben Angus
Boston selects LHP Julien Meyer
Toronto selects 2B Jim Larson
Texas selects CF Lou Miller
Hawaii selects SS Bruce Ordonez
Alaska selects P Tony Bastard
Cleveland selects P Dave Foreman
Bay Area selects P Bryan Phillips
Utah selects OF Mike Winters
Los Angeles selects OF Michael Molina
Florida selects 3B Michael James
New York selects OF Ollie Moubray
Chicago selects SS Bruno Vogler
Miami selects OF/P Roberto Gonzales

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More signings

Jek Lewis to Portland 5 yrs 115m
Logan Starks to Alaska 5 yrs 75m
Prince Ferreira to Orlando 5/84.85
Rudy Baker to Charlotte 3/38
Ozzie Gaedel to LV 3/4.0
Ron Moon to NYC 2/4.0
Emilio Mendoza to NYC 1/800k
Roger Peralta to Texas 1/6.3
Mike Carpenter to LA 2/17.8
David Cedeno to Alaska 1/760k
Mike Jolley to Hollywood 1/6.8
Robert Zoffinger to NYK 6/63.9
Drew Fenwick to GD 1/500k
Ricardo Garza to MIA 2/3.0
Felipe Cortez to TEX 1/500k
Marcus Redmond to HOL 1/730k
Andy Rojas to CHA 2/2.56
Brian Houston to GD 1/640k
Alfredo Carillo to STL 1/2.24
Felix Torres to NYK 1/820k
Kevin Stanfield to Cleveland 2/13

Monday, December 26, 2016

Next batch of signings

Rafael Payro NY Knights 1 year, 10.3 million

Portland Carlos Garrido 3 years, 3.6 mil, Justin Headley 2 years, 3.4 mil, Travis Treanor 2 years, 3 mil

Jesus Valdez to Mars 4 years, 88 million

Seung-ryong Ha 2 years, 2.6 mil to NYC

Drew Ward to STL for 4 years, 76.8 million
Paul White to SPR, 2 years, 33 million

Hollywood, Brandon Bergeron 7 years, 143.5 mil
Ryan Webb to Toronto 2 years, 12.6 mil

Baltimore hires Todd Allen as manager

Tyler Denison to Mars, 3 years, 33 mil
Miguel Tejawa to Denver, 5 years, 127 million.

Portland signs OF Hisashi Kondo to minor league deal with 2.1 million bonus

Andy Moore signs with Mars for 3 years, 55.2 mil
Jason Rosario to Springfield, 2 years, 2.2 million
Jay Bourn to Alaska, 1 year, 5 million

Saturday, December 24, 2016

First batch of signings

Yoda Moreno to Phoenix 5 years, 130 million
Rocky Sorensen to Springfield, 2 years, 9.52 million
Won-shik Lee to Las Vegas, 5 years, 85 million
Earl Hickey to Charlotte 3 years, 64.6 million
Sal Rodriguez to Toronto 5 years, 105.4 million
Alan Stewart to Toledo, 2 years, 4.56 million

Gilberto Pantoja to Las Vegas, 3 years, 3 million
Howard Goodwin and Tim Tipton to LV on minor league deals
Tony Guerrero to Las Vegas 3 years, 5 million

Carlos Voltron to Denver, 2 years, 3 million

BJ Lewis to Miami, 2 years, 2.9 million
Shadow Russell to Miami, 1 year, 1.1 million
Sammy Yamamoto to Miami, 2 years, 2.1 million

Ryan McCloud to Charlotte, 2 years, 22.4 million
Bobby Barrios to Toledo, 7 years, 147.6 million

Rule 5 Draft

Players selected in the rule 5 must be kept on the major league roster all season, or else they are returned to their original team.  The draft went as follows:

Mars - RP Michael Neal (from Shockers)
Denver - SS Craig Meyers (Detroit)
SPR - CF Dana Wilson (Mars)
POR - RP Luis Antonio Lopez (Toronto)
LOU - OF Darren Escobar (Charlotte)
GD - RP Rick Peters (St Louis)
LV - 3B Mike Dawson (Springfield)
HAW - C Patrick Rutledge (BA)
Alaska - RP Javier Martinez (Boston)
Utah - RP Eduardo Hernandez (Orl)
FLA - OF Kent Hamilton (Charlotte)
NYC - RP Luis Perez (Texas)
CHI - RP Tim Stevens (Mars)
MIA - RP John Montgomery (PHO)
Denver - 1B Ed Robinson (PHO)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Draft pick compensation

The following players rejected qualifying offers and signing them will require draft pick compensation.  At this point I don't see any way that the game is indicating the difference between compensation and non-compensation free agents, so this post will have to be our guide.

C Yoda Moreno, Jesus Valdez, Humberto Castillo
SS Miguel Tejawa
3B Bobby Barrios
2B Prince Ferreria
OF Bobby Bergeron, Jek Lewis, Drew Ward
P Earl Hickey

These players accepted the qualifying offer of 18 million and return to their teams on a one year deal, some to great surprise:

Utah Doug Dodson
Bay Area Michael Garciajawa, Larry Reynolds
Florida Doug Guzman
Detroit Bjorn Frostad

Edit:  Robert Zoffinger and Oscar Martinez also rejected the Q and will cost a draft pick to sign.

OOTP Awards

Rookie of the year awards go to Toledo's Thomas Romero, who won the batting title with a .349 mark, and Preston Greenfield of Bay Area, who hit .225 with 12 homers and 31 steals.  It was certainly a weak major league class.  Second place went to Carl Rice of LA, who went 9-9 with a 3.56 ERA.  Lee Thompson of NYC took third, hitting .235 in 79 games with strong defense.

In the Superior league James Batts finished second, though he would not leave the award ceremony empty handed.  Kent Garner of the Knights finished 3rd.  The 27 year old, who had signed out of an Independent league, drew 133 walks, hit 15 homeruns, and drove in 102 runs.

In no surprise to anyone, world series managers RJ Duke and Wally Calhoun were named managers of the year.

With no clear starting pitcher in the lead, the Superior League Cy Young award was a surprise as Orlando's James Batts took the award in his rookie season. Batts had a 7-2 record, saved 48 games, and had an ERA of 1.05 in 77 innings.  He did not allow a homerun all season and is the first reliever to win the award since Utah's Henry Rollins.  Chicago's Danny Almonte (18-4) finished second, followed by Miami's Dwight Schrute (48 saves, 1.50 ERA).

Peter Buchanon wins the major league award with a 20-6 record, 2.25 ERA, and 211 strikeouts.  He also won 5 games, including 3 series deciding games, in the playoffs, however this award only considers his regular season stats.  New York's Buddy Dervish (16-3, 1.93) finished second while his teammate Stephen Hamburg (17-10, 232 strikeouts) finished third.

Miami's Devan Arceneaux won the MVP award in his second season with a .345 average, 27 homers, 110 RBI, and a .602 slugging percentage.  Frank Lewis was second (.308-31-106, 134 walks, .463 OBP) and Aaron Moore (28 homers, 109 RBI) third.

In the major league the best seasons were had by players whose teams did not make the playoffs.  Denver's Mark Crawford wins his first award with a .308 average, 33 homers, and he even stole 26 bases.  For Crawford, 35, this was hardly his best season, but some of the best seasons in league history saw him blocked from the award by even better Joe Young seasons.

Bryce Parkman hit 36 homers and finished second, and Larry Brooks hit .344 with 22 homeruns to finish third.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Conan to resign UN post

Conan, owner of the Utah Utes and holder of a national record 810 career homeruns, has resigned in protest from his position as chairman of the United Nations committee for the advancement of primitive peoples to world leadership roles.  Conan is reportedly upset over the firing of Wonder Woman, formerly the UN ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls, and a personal friend of Conan's.

Conan was born to a simple barbarian village in Cimmeria and eventually conquered kingdoms by his own hand.  He issued a statement on Wonder Woman : "I have heard her lamentations. I will help her crush her enemies, and together we will see them driven before us."

A small, elderly wizard wearing a necklace of shark's teeth said that while Conan has no immediate plans to attack the United Nations, it cannot be ruled out.