Saturday, December 16, 2017

Signings 12-16-2017

Doug Guzman, PHO 4/29.6 
Alex Maldonado, LA, 2/19.2
Andy Donnels, POR, 2/2.5
Manny Lugo, CHA, 4/28.6
Jorge Gallardo, NYK, 120.8

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Major signings for week 12/11-12/15

Donnie Donewicz, 1/2.12, BA
Saul Dejesus 1/1.2, Por
Sancho Pandaval, 3/17.3, Por
Brian Sanders, 2/14, Pho
Felix Bacani, 3/46, BA
Nick Barden 3/13.8, NYK
Jason Curry, 1/1.66, LA
Tim Perez, 3/28.7, BAL
Alfonso Gorin, 3/25, LV
Cesar Corona, 5/37.5, NYC
Darin Sanchez, 5/106, BOS
Tyrell Brock, 2/1.92, LOU
Todd Merkich, 2/5.12, NYK
J Tusken, 1/1, NYC
Carlos Padron, 2/8.44, MIA
Bjorn Frostad, 4/72, Den
Alberto Mitre, 2/7, Utah
Chad Richardson, 7/90.1, BA
Marcos Dominguez, 4/59.24, Utah
Rey Nunez, 3/26.4, CHA

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Starting pitchers sign

George Taylor will stay with the B's for 4 years and 84 million.

Eric Rodriguez goes to Baltimore for 2 years and 39.6 million.

Buddy Dervish has signed

After a fallout with team management over not attending a White House championship celebration, Buddy Dervish resolved to move on. 

Having been raised in the North Pole, Buddy looked to find a team that played in cold weather.  The Alaska Snow Sox, as usual, expressed interest but failed to meet his price.

Buddy continued his search for a new home team that, in his words, would keep him as chill as a penguin.

And just like that, Buddy accepted a 6 year contract with the Florida Penguins.  He will receive 201,480,000 over the deal.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Some big contracts

Aaron Moore signs with Texas for 6 years and 205.8 million.

Mick McAndrews signs for 4/92 with Bay Area.

Matt Bulger signs for 2/35.2 with Hollywood.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Manny Nunez signs

Mexican league MVP Manny Nunez has agreed to a 6 year contract with Las Vegas for 126 million dollars. Manny looks forward to learning the finer points of catching from Ray Brooks, and is expected to bat in the middle of the lineup.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nutkin to stay in Green Day

Squirrel Nutkin jr. has signed an extension for 10 years and 255 million dollars.  Last season Nutkin hit only .234, but was 8 runs above average on defense and hit a career best 27 homeruns.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

International Free Agents

Silveran Kanan Bonis, eldest son of Kith Kanan is ready to come to the Americas to play ball. Silveran is tall with wide shoulders, a fair complexion, and a massive forehead. He had broad cheeks, chin, and nose, narrow but full lips, yellow hair and green eyes.

Silveran's mother, was the 4th Keeper of the Forest and like all Keepers before her, she grew into an oak tree in the clearing where she lived.  The tree was hit by lightning and from the splinters stepped Silveran Kanan Bonis.  Roughly eighteen slivers from the tree that landed around the tree, grew into oak trees as legend says. Some say each tree represents one of the gods except the gods of magic.  Silveran harvests his bats from those trees.

Being half Kagonesti (Wild Elf) he was given the nickname "Greenhands". In the Elven leagues, due to his lineage he has been a good pitcher, and has real skills at the plate and with his glove.

Manny Nunes, a 27 year old catcher, is looking to join the league after winning 6 straight MVP awards in the Mexican league.  Manny is a strong defensive catcher with middle of the order power, and could be among the best catchers in the league in his first season.

Cesar Corona, 22, recently arrived from Cuba.  Cesar is a strong guy, probably a bit below average speed, but has good instincts and a strong arm in right field.  At the plate he should hit for both power and average.