Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who Will be the Top Pick in the Draft?

The APBA 2013 draft prospects are finally announced.  Check out all the stats of the 120 players here: http://www.baseballprojection.com/apba/home.htm.  But who will be the top pick?

Italian Catcher Dominick DeCocco is a homerun hitting machine at Auburn University.  He's a big, stocky guy, but is a little raw behind the plate.  He has a strong arm and is working hard to get his catching up to APBA standards, but could also end up at first base or designated hitter.

Florida outfielder Byron Jones is a 5 tool player.  He's got enough arm to show 95 MPH heat off the mound, but will be an outfielder as a pro.  His center field play has been breathtaking, combining great speed with pure baseball instincts, and a 44 inch vertical leap allowed him to wow the APBA scouts with homer-saving catches.  One scout reports "He's got a real head for playing bridge, and you all know what that means in the clubhouse."

Mexican shortstop Eddie Del Toro is the youngest player in the draft.  He's got power, speed, a good eye at the plate, and top of the line fielding ability.  The youngest of 18 children, he's always had to fight for food.  Scout says "never bet against someone with fight, or who wears a purple blazer.  Del Toro has both."

The top pick could also be a pitcher, and this years's top pitcher is North Umberland University's Jonathan Umber, who is the grandson of the GreatJon.  His baseball experience is limited due to pitching in a cold land with constant reminders that winter is coming, but Umber stands 6 foot 9, throws 98 MPH, and has enough natural athleticism to repeat his delivery well.  Scout says "You can really tell Umber apart from the crowd, because everyone else is a head shorter than him"


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