Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trades before Deadline

The Los Angeles Shockers have acquired OF D.J. Werden from the Detroit Devils in exchange for LA's #2 draft pick in the 2013 draft. Werden is expected to start in the OF in place of Dirk Lindros and Gabe Kotter. LA hopes to upgrade their offense with Werden and hold on to first place. The Bay Area Bandits have traded former uber-prospect Daryl Brown and a player to be named later (potentially a low draft pick or minor leaguer) for Texas OF Brad LaRatta. This trade could be a good change of scenery for these two struggling players. Bay Area Manager Eric Cartman has been looking to get rid of Brown, since he is rumored to have a poor attitude, and does not respect the "authority" of the manager. Denver is also looking to acquire a new closer before the trade deadline. Pickings are slim as Denver does not have the ability to take on a contract as part of any trade.


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