Saturday, October 13, 2012

Superior League, 6 Days to go

With 6 days of games left in the season, The New York Knights have long wrapped up a division title with a league best 105-53 record.  Baltimore is second and has clinched the wild card with 90 wins, and the surprising Orlando Rugrats hold the 4th best record in the league at 82-76.  They are just one year too early to benefit from a second wild card, scheduled for the 2013 APBA season.

Utah, with an 86-70 record, has clinched the west.  In the central, we have a surprise race as Charlotte has struggled down the stretch and is now tied with Toledo, both teams only 4 games above .500.  Cleveland remains alive as well, only 2 games back.

The Cy Young award is an interesting race, as no pitcher has a better ERA than Dan Mason's 3.27, but 10 pitchers are between 3.27 and 3.54.  This one may come down to the old fashioned win stat, with three Knight pitchers leading the way.  Mike Carpenter has 19, Eddie Carey 18, and Grant Dunn 17.  Storm Morris has 15 wins and a league high 223 innings.  Paul Finch has 227 strikeouts, 3 ahead of Joe Callahan.

Jesse Myers has a slim lead in the batting race at .323, 2 points ahead of Anakin Solo and 4 ahead of Joe Young.  Solo leads in slugging percentage at .635, 38 points ahead of Young, and as usual, Frank Lewis tops the OBP lead at .454.

Manny Ortez leads in RBI with 122, and Adama Dunn is far ahead of everyone in both walks (128) and homers (55).  Miami's Jim Concepcion (58) and and Brian Kaat (53) lead in steals.  Utah's Kermit Crawford has 39, which ties a Utah record set in 1997 by another Kermit.


At 6:21 PM EDT, Anonymous @realjawa said...

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At 7:26 PM EDT, Anonymous Brother Franciscus said...

Charlotte takes a 1 game lead with an 11 inning win over Toledo.

At 1:08 AM EDT, Blogger Lyman L Solo said...

Charlotte up 2 games now, beating Toledo 3-1 with a complete game by Alex Murray.

At 2:29 AM EDT, Anonymous @realjawa said...

Fat Yoda gained three pounds over the weekend making him the fattest yoda ever!

At 12:24 PM EDT, Anonymous Clayton Lewis said...

Yeah, look at his disgusting picture! Better yet don't look at it. Ahh, my eyes!!!!!!!


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