Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegas Terminates General Manager

Earlier today Kenny was having lunch with Las Vegas Owner/GM/Manager Boba Fett.  Kenny and Boba were just finishing up our soup course when Kenny heard a slight whistle and felt something breeze by Kenny's ear.  Kenny then turned around to see what was behind Kenny when Kenny heard a thud.  Kenny quickly turned back around and saw Boba face down in his soup.  Man, that's some messed up shit!  The next thing Kenny knew, some robot thing came over and scooped up Boba's carcass and carted his limp body off like it was late for dinner.  Then, who walks through the door?  That's right, Boba Fett!  Fett sits down at Kenny's table, summons the waiter, and asks for a new soup!  Kenny be the coolest man in any room Kenny's in, but Kenny was all shook up.  Boba explained he was terminating his General Manager after a disappointing season.  He then asks Kenny if Kenny would want the job!  Kenny said Hell no!  Kenny loves Boba, but ain't no damn way Kenny would work for a lunatic who offs his GM.  So there you go, Vegas GM is out and he ain't gonna be workin' for no other team.  Damn, the shit be messed up.  Kenny knows Kenny said that already,but DAMN!


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