Sunday, June 24, 2007

Introducing Joel Camels

He was born in North Carolina, son of a Tobacco Farming anthropomorphic dromedary. He attended Jesse Helms high school, and threw a no-hitter to clinch the state championship. He will be a high draft pick for some lucky team this fall and as he lights up a pair of cigarettes (one for each hand) I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

What kind of pitches do you throw?

A two seam fastball, which I try to throw with movement, a curveball, a changeup, and a slow changeup.

Where have you been pitching this year?

I've been pitching in the MLB06 The Show for PSP. Its a great way to kind of bend time, and get a lot of pitching experience in a short amount of time. For example, I'm currently in the 2012 season pitching for the Yankees.

What has your career been like?

It took me 3 years in the minors to develop my stuff. The Phillies called me up in 2009, when everything finally clicked for me. Funny thing is right after I was called up I was traded to Tampa Bay. I was 7-4, 2.60 that year. In 2010 I went to Baltimore, went 14-7, 2.91. I was ready to resign with Baltimore, but they would only offer a long term deal when I wanted a shorter term, so I signed with the Yankees. My first year I was 27-2, 1.91 ERA, and struck out 256. My next year I was 23-4 but pitched even better, a 1.73 ERA, 11 shutouts, 270 innings and 347 strikeouts. More importantly, we are in the world series for the first time in my career.

What do you like most about playing for the Yankees?

Playing with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Jeter is 37 now and has become the fulltime designated hitter. Manager Joe Girardi said that Jeter's leadership was needed on then bench, and is so important that we live without his glove in the field. Jeter is our leadoff hitter and bench coach. He got hit #3000 in the 2011 season, and A-Rod did the same in 2012. A-Rod is also up to 699 career homeruns. Bobby Crosby has tajen Jeter's old spot at short, and Boss Steinbrenner was able to bring in Jason Bay and Grady Sizemore to play the outfield.

Where is the team right now?

We are up 3-1 over Atlanta in the world series, I was able to win game 4. I won't likely pitch again, but hopefully I'll soon have a ring.

What do you enjoy most about baseball?

Actually, I really like to hit. I hit 2 homers in game 4, including one in my first ever World Series at bat. I'd love to play the rest of my career with the Yankees, but it will be very tempting to play in the National League.

Thanks, Joel, and good luck.


At 11:36 PM EDT, Anonymous Lyman said...

Camels throws a perfect game, 14 strikeouts, vs Seattle on 4/23/2013 while pitching for the Angels.

At 6:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fat yoda!


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