Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RJ Duke's kid

I'll bet a lot of you didn't know that RJ Duke even had a son. Ezekiel, 19, was a top high school draft prospect heading into last year, but was not available on draft day due to legal trouble.

After belting 3 homeruns in a game while pitching a no-hitter, Ezekiel was partying too hard with his team. It was more than your ordinary high school party, involving 6 kilos of cocaine, prostitutes, fully automatic weapons, a laptop full of stolen credit card numbers, 3 million dollars in gold bullion, a pair of plyers, and a blowtorch. As he was arrested, an intoxicated Duke tried to justify his crimes by pleading "Pimpin ain't easy".

While spending the past year in the Florida Penal League, Duke hit .655 with 37 homers in 21 games. RJ Duke says his son is fully rehabilitated, and eager to resume his promising career. If allowed by the commissioner, he will become the first player to wear two uniform numbers at the same time, since he could not decide between his favorite numbers. In high school he wore number 25 on the front of his jersey, and 17 on the back.


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