Sunday, May 13, 2007

Huge News

Roger Chillingworth has ended his retirement!!!!!!

Roger Clemens' comeback with the Yankees apparantly inspired Chillingworth to think about returning to baseball. He had his agent contact several teams to gauge the interest level, and a few teams with extra money and playoff aspirations made their pitches to Roger.

After much soul searching, Chillingworth narrowed the field to the New York Cobra, Denver Rabbits, and Louisville Sluggers. Once word reached Louisville Slugger General Partner Robert Smith that Clemens and Chillingworth were in the Kentucky area, Smith swooped in and made his pitch. He coordinated a private box be available for the two buddies to take in the Kentucky Derby (along with inseparable respective best friends Andy Pettitte & John Terry) and even served as Roger's caddy during a recent golf outing. The southern hospitality seemed to make an impact on Chillingworth, and he also enjoyed watching Louisville phenom Homer Nelson pitch in the minors.

The Cobra did not seem willing to pay Roger his $15 million dollar contract given that there 5 starters are all pitching well. That coupled with their championship last year, and believe it or not, lack of available money, stopped the Cobra from being serious contenders. The Rabbits were in a similar situation with respect to money and to a lesser extent need. After a serious meeting with Roger, Big Cheese (Denver Rabbits GM and Manager), and Acting Commissioner for Life, King Lewis II, The Rabbits came up short.

So Roger Chillingworth will sign with the Louisville Sluggers, and is expected to be with the club and on the mound for their home series against the Mars Eyebiters on June 1, 2007. Roger reportedly signed a one-year $17 million dollar contract that will be pro-rated. Chillingworth is expected to pocket about $11 million for 4 months of work - not too shabby.

Of course, Roger will also get tons of perks, like priority scheduling to maximize his home starts, free plane trips back to Texas on his off-days, and he will not be required to travel with the team when he is not pitching.

Roger will join a Slugger's team that is a perennial playoff team, and currently 1 game back of Baltimore in the Superior League East. He will also be reunited with Jojo Lewis...the two were of course traded for each other last off-season.

Oh, did I mention that Roger has 396 career victories, and will be looking to get #400 sometime around July 4th?

Jeff Lewis
'87 Shocker for Life


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