Monday, January 22, 2007

This Year's Candidates

Kenny will also mention a tidbit on this year's candidates:

Who should be in the Hall of Fame of this year's class?

Don Muttonly. If elected, Muttonly would possess the highest average (.318) of any Hall of Famer as well as the most doubles (513) of any HOFer. His .381 OBP would be the highest of any Modern HOFer. His RBIs, ABs, Hits and Walks are all above the average Hall Of Famer. His numbers fit in nicely.

Rico Cortez. You read that right. Rico's career reads like a Hall of Famer. His .289 average, 281 HRs, 1088 RBIs, 6157 ABs, 1780 Hits, 418 Doubles, 67 triples and .516 slugging are all higher than the AVERAGE Hall of Famer. In fact, his slugging average is higher than all but 2 Hall of Famers! (Optimus and Galvatron) If Rico isn't a Hall of Famer, than who is?

Pedro Santini. That's who. Pedro also boasts Hall of Famer numbers. His .291 average, 247 HRs, 1015 RBIs, 6917 ABs, 2,013 Hits, 399 doubles, 66 triples and .475 slugging are all better than the average Hall of Famer. It's tough to think of the Hall of Fame without Pedro.

Kirby Miller. .284, 244 HRs, 1138 RBIs, 7747 ABs, 2204 Hits, 448 doubles and 85 triples are all better than the average HOFer. In fact Kirby's 85 triples would rate as the best of any modern Hall of Famer.

Trivia. Who is the Hall of Famer?:

.269 AVG 254 HR 1012 RBI 6485 AB 1747 H 585 BB 6 SB 355 2B .330 OBP .443 SLG
.253 AVG 356 HR 1231 RBI 7233 AB 1832 H 1197BB 0 SB 394 2B .359 OBP .458 SLG

Oh and both played 3B. The top line is HOF 3rd baseman Alex Hansen. The bottom-line is Helmut Schmidt. Not an if-then argument. A complete destruction.

So, when thinking about your Hall of Fame votes, remember, this isn't Unforgiven. This is real life. Deserves got everything to do with it.


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