Monday, November 20, 2006

Pick of the draft

While y'all and Kenny wait for the draft to continue, Kenny is here to tell you about the steal of the draft. That unfettered spirit that will lead his team to a championship one day. This player, pound for pound, relative to their draft position, will be the pick of the draft. “How does Kenny know this?” “Has the player been chosen?” “How do I get him if he has been drafted already?” These are all fine questions, but stop interrupting Kenny and Kenny will tell you. Kenny knows what you are thinking. Kenny is going to tell us all something we already know. Of course Kenny is going to say Jek Lewis is the man, because he is a master-thief on the base-paths. Well, Kenny does like Jek, but Jek is not Kenny’s choice. And while Alex Williams may very well lead Phoenix back to the promise land, Alex is not Kenny’s man. (Though Kenny will enjoy watching Alex Williams like everyone else.) No, Kenny’s choice is none other than Callix Span. That’s right. Even if Callix were drafted right now, he’d be the best value pick in the entire draft. Mark my words, Callix will evolve into one of the best base-stealers of his generation.


At 10:13 PM EST, Blogger AnJaka said...

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At 4:45 PM EST, Blogger Kenny "MVP" Anderson said...

What crack you be smokin'?!


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