Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hall of Fame votes

The time has come to vote for our new army of immortals. You can find stats for the players on this year's ballots here. In addition, there is a great player injustly left off of the ballot, and you can learn more about him here.

Rugless Odor is on the ballot for the 3rd time. He was a fine defensive shortstop who hit .315 or better in 5 of his first 6 seasons, had over 2200 career hits, and led the 1994 Rugrats to the world series.

Among the new players:

Kirby Miller had over 2200 career hits, 244 homers, and played his entire career on Mars. He is the alltime fan favorite of the Eyebiters and had his best season in 1998, hitting .328 with 29 homers and 127 RBI. He played center field early in his career before moving to right.

Helmut Schmidt was one of the cornerstones of the great Louisville Slugger teams of the 1990's. At third base he provided strong defense (4 gold gloves), power (356 homeruns) and strong on-base skills (4 100 walk years with a high of 130). He compares favorably to the 3rd basemen who have been elected to the Hall.

Don Muttonly is one of the greatest undrafted players in history. He won 4 world series rings with the mighty Ute teams, usually hitting 3rd between Lou Zamuda and Conan. He was a career .318 hitter and one of the greatest defensive 1st basemen of all time ,winning 8 gold gloves. After leaving Utah, he helped the Florida Penguins reach 2 world series and had his best season in 2000, hitting .350 with 19 homeruns and 107 RBI.

Pedro Santini was a great offensive second baseman in his early years, hitting .343 in 1996. His range declined quickly, and he played more at 1st and 3rd towards the latter part of his career.

Zeke Morris started as a power hitting shortstop. He helped the Devils to the world series in 1994, and hit a career high 28 homeruns the next year. He did not have the range to remain at short past his mid 20's, and later became a 3rd baseman and utility infielder.

Speedy Todd Reynolds teamed with Eric Nixon to spark the running game for the 1992-1993 world champion Stars. He was a competent but unspectacular shortstop, and stole 438 bases in his career.

Robert Maison was the catcher for those same Miami ballclubs, and provided power behind the plate with 288 lifetime homers. He was not considered a top defender behind the plate.

Rico Cortez had the season of a lifetime in 1996, hitting .392 for the mighty world champion Utes at age 24. He never lived up to the promise of that season again, but had some solid years with the bat, driving in at least 100 runs each year from 1999 to 2003. He was known more for his bat than his glove. A fine looking player, Rico was very popular with the ladies in Utah for their "Marry a Ute" night promotions.

Mario Joyner was your classic line drive hitting, strong defensive left handed hitters at 1st base. His best season was with the 1994 Shockers, who under Boba Fett won 91 games for a division title. That year he hit .320 with 114 RBI. Mario won 3 gold gloves.

Scott May started his career as a rare speedy catcher, stealing 14 bases each of his first two seasons. The demands of catching quickly robbed him of his speed, but he began hitting the ball harder in his later years, in 2001 he hit .335 with 21 homers and 98 RBI.

Wes Gibson, as a fielder, was born to DH. He provided strong lefthanded power for over a decade, but was often platooned, never reaching 500 at bats after his rookie season.

Grant Gilliam seemed hopeless with the bat in his rookie year, hitting .231 and showing no power, limited plate discipline, and only average speed. He improved with the bat, becoming a tough out at the bottom of the lineup and hitting over .300 twice. He played for three world championship teams, and made his contribution with defense.

Gilliam never won a gold glove, as he played in the same league as Lou Zamuda, but in the 1999 world series, billed as the final millenial battle of good vs evil pitting the Autobots against the Decepticons, Gilliam shined with the glove on the national stage, making so many great plays in the Autobot's series victory that he was named world series MVP.

You can view current Hall of Fame members here.


At 1:26 AM EST, Anonymous Friends of Drummond said...

Drummond Peltier for the Hall of Fame!

At 1:28 AM EST, Anonymous Wally Calhoun - hof '02 said...

It's time to put top executives into the Hall of Fame. Orville Redenbacher needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Yoda needs to be in the Hall of Fame. It is time to make that happen.


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