Monday, January 22, 2007

Hall of Fame Analysis

In the spirit of the up coming Hall of Fame announcement, Kenny thought Kenny would provide y'all with some insightful Hall of Fame analysis. Did you know:

The average Hall of Famer hit .284 in their career with 258 HRs, 919 RBIs with 1,639 Hits and 979 RBIs. They got on base at a .357 clip with a .471 slugging average. When Kenny filtered out ancient players and looked solely at the "Modern" Hall of Famers the numbers were surprisingly consistent. (Modern defined as elected after 1990) The average "Modern" Hall of Famer also hit .284, got on base a little less at .355 and slugged a little more at .473. The players hit more Homers with 258 (largely due to Galvatron) with more RBIs - 974 and more hits - 1,687. The modern Hall of Famer hit 300 doubles and 26 triples compared to 292 and 31 for the overall HOF average. The modern players also seem to run less with an average of 145 stolen bases versus 152 for the overall average.

Best Hall of Famer (hitters only)? Well, if you are a Babe Ruth fan, then the answer is the mighty Galvatron. His 545 HRs lead all Hall of Famers. As does his 1,644 RBIs, and 1,979 strikeouts. His 1,420 walks and .524 slugging lead all modern Hall of Famers. But if you find yourself in the Ty Cobb fanclub, then Scheherezade is the Cobb of APBA. With a .311 average to lead all Hall of Famers, what Scheherezade lacked in power was made up for in hustle. 2,556 hits, 533 SBs and 112 triples lead all current Hall of Famers.

But for all you current players reading this. You are probably asking yourself, "That's great Kenny. But where is the door? How does one get into the Hall of Fame?" Well, Kenny has already given you the averages. Do those and you are on your way. But at the low end of the list reside Hall of Famers like Bo Supreme. But don't let Bo's stats fool you. His contributions to the game should not be ignored. Bo is an innovator as one of the game's best strategists who has been copied more times than one can count. His manager would often ask Bo to manage when he had to take a whiz. Ray Brooks grew up idolizing Bo. But Bo is where to begin when looking at entry. Less than this, then forget it. You won't even have an argument. You won't even enter into the conversation. Bo's 341 RBIs, 616 Hits, 5 SBs, 68 doubles and 1 triple are the least of all Hall of Famers. Of course, Bo was also a catcher. But Bo is not alone. Of the "Modern" Hall of Famers, Jose Ramirez sets the bar. His 25 Homers and .343 are, by far, the least of any Hall of Famer. His 470 RBIs are also the least of any Modern HOFer. Kenny suspects Jose's defense had something to do with his election.

So, when you are playing, remember, the Hall of Fame requires greatness; not necessarily great stats, sometimes a great story will do just fine.

Oh and for the record. Kenny thinks Drummond belongs in the Hall of Fame. His is a story that is Hall of Fame worthy.


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