Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Graceland and the Lakers

While it has been widely reported that the Los Angeles Lakers shunned all-time great coach Phil Jackson for the unaccomplished Mike D'Antoni, what hasn't been reported is what led to this stunning decision.  Here at The Herman, Kenny has the answer! 

After several informal negotiations with the Zen Master, apparently members of the Memphis Mafia reached out to Dr. Jerry Buss to inform him that Lisa Marie Presley wanted to meet with him.  Sunday morning, Dr. Buss hopped on a plane to Tennessee to meet with Elvis' daughter to discuss their current coaching conundrum.  Apparently Lisa Marie advised Jerry strongly against bringing Jackson back to coach the Lakers.  Once she explained her own regrets of allowing legendary APBA coach Eddie of Utah the right to only coach home games and what a disaster the season was, that was all Dr. Buss needed to hear.  After a fine dinner, he flew back to LA, his mind made up - the Lakers were not going to have a coach who only coached home games.


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