Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boba Fett to star on Reality TV

In addition to managing, owning, and serving as the GM for the Las Vegas Gamblers, Boba Fett has decided to resume his bounty hunting career and allow cameras to follow him across the galaxy as he brings the bad sentient beings to justice.

Boba won't be doing it alone, however, despite being somewhat of a loner during his previous 3 decade long bounty hunting career. He has assembled a crew consisting of his wife, Beth Fett, son and former APBA player Robbie, his son in law Tom Tomax, Tom's dad Tomax, and uncle Xamot. In addition, the opening credits will feature music by Dude, the legendary frontman of Dude and the Earsplitters.

Check out the series, coming soon on A&E.


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