Monday, October 16, 2006

Draft Lottery

In a surprising roll of the dice, the Phoenix Autobots win the draft lottery and the right to select the #1 pick. Hawaii and Las Vegas had better chances due to their records, but Phoenix had the luck. Jumping up all the way from #12 on the list of worst records to take the #2 spot was the Charlotte Hawks, who finished 78-84. And most shocking of all, the #3 pick goes to Toledo, who actually had a winning record.

Hawaii will pick 4th, followed by Las Vegas, Green Day, and Florida.

What is harder to tell is who will be the #1 pick. 3rd basemen Alex Williams Jr, the best hitter in the draft, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, the top defender, will be picked very high. Catcher George H. Frog offers power behinf the plate, SS/OF Jek Lewis offers the most long term potential, lefthander Joseph Smith Langford is already a proven winner at age 18, and closer Troy Lewis has already shown he can get major league hitters out with his performance in the Intergalactic Baseball Classic last spring.

The one rumor we heard is that Green Day, picking #6, will not pass on one of the jawas if they are available.


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