Sunday, October 15, 2006

Major League Playoffs

Just in case people are wondering, in the Major League 1st round New York got the monkey (of the Kird variety, perhaps) off their back by sweeping Portland. Portland had eliminated the best team money can buy the previous two seasons.

New York and Hollywood split the first two games, then New York won the next two. They will attempt to finish the series in game 5 with Pedro Lewis on the mound.

I apologize for not having any more details. Jeffrey Lamar Lewis should at some point write up those games, but has been distracted for the last week by the 1987 Shocker baseball card and memorabilia convention that is going on in Los Angeles. Its a big deal this year - Ratchet is their promoting his acting career after making an appearance as an ambulance on CSI: Las Vegas, and Jeffrey, as always, is autographing copies of his autobiography, I Was a 1987 Shocker.


At 12:37 AM EDT, Anonymous rabid APBA fan said...

I hear he's working on his follow up book: "I was a 1987 Shocker, and now I am a fat yoda"


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