Sunday, October 15, 2006

MVP awards

In a close vote, Joe Young wins his second straight MVP award with 40 points, 3 ahead of Utah's Ryan Ballard. Texas CF Mark Crawford finshed third, followed by Utah's Frank Lewis and Lou Zamuda.

Young joins Galvatron, Jose Rubiera, Conan, Mahatma Russell, Lou Zamuda, and Jake Cisco as back to back winners. Young not only had a better season than in his 2005 MVP campaign, but he improved in every statistical category, hitting .340 with 47 homers, 133 RBI, and a career high .650 slugging percentage.

In the Major League, Hank Crowell wins the award hitting .329 with 43 homers, 130 RBI, and above average defense at third base. He edges New York's Keith Lee, who won the batting title at .362. Detroit's Ray Hamilton finished third, followed by New York's Chad White. Crowell started the season with the Alaska Snow Sox, and was traded mid season to St Louis since as a potential free agent, Alaska cannot afford him. He is the first MVP to win while playing for two teams.


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At 6:32 PM EDT, Blogger Jeffrey Lamar Lewis said...

How does Keith Lee not win this award? So much for the so-called New York bias...


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