Sunday, October 15, 2006

New York at Portland Game 3

This game featured the return of Roger Chillingworth to New York's playoff rotation, and the return from injury for Portland's Lee Harvey Oswalt. In the 2nd inning back to back doubles by Portland's Willie Rivera and Sonic Russell give Portland the early 1-0 lead. Oswalt did not have his best stuff as he was itchy from his time off due to injury. Portland elected to pull Oswalt for a pinch hitter after he pitched 5 scoreless innings (5-4-0-0-1-4). In the top of the 6th, Portland's Jay Dessau allows a walk, double, and double to Manfred, Chad, and Keith Lee, to give New York a 2-1 lead. In the 7th inning, Portland's Jose Herrera hits a solo HR to tie the game at 2. This score held up until Brett Solo hit a solo HR in the top of the 9th to give New York a 3-2 lead. In the bottom of the 9th, Troy Everett came on for the save. Heres the inning:

Clyde Frogg: Infield single
George Kird: Walk
Sam Robinson: Sacrifice bunt, runners to 2nd & 3rd

New York plays the infield in

Jose Herrera: Strike Out (Looking)

Portland pinch runs Dave Crane for Kird at 2nd, and pinch hits backup catcher Ed Klutts

Ed Klutts: * E. Klutts facing T. Everett, B 9th, 2 Outs, 2nd and 3rd, Behind 2-3
Frogg steps off third ... here's the pitch ... Klutts wallops this one to center field
it might be out of here ... White is to the wall ... he has no more room ... he's looking up
leaps ... and grabs it! ... that one was over the wall
but White brought it back in for the out
FINAL SCORE : Cobra 3, Decepticons 2
New York leads the series 3 games to none.


At 8:47 PM EDT, Anonymous garfield said...

That was a fine catch by Chad, but Brian Kaat's catch against Springfield was better.

At 8:54 PM EDT, Blogger Jeffrey Lamar Lewis said...

I disagree. Chad's catch was truly amazing. Chad is the best defensive center fielder since yours truly. Chad's catch was kind of a combination of Gary Matthews twisting catch for Texas this year, vs. a catch I saw Ivan Calderon make back in 1988 when he climbed the wall in Old Comiskey Park.

Not to mention, Chad's catch came in a New York uniform, therefore, it was better.

At 8:56 PM EDT, Anonymous garfield said...

But cats are better than reticulans.

At 9:14 PM EDT, Anonymous derek j said...

No way. Chad was just super-clutch with that catch.

I'm pulling for him all the way as I watch postseason baseball from my sofa (with a supermodel).

At 12:42 AM EDT, Anonymous rabid APBA fan said...

Fat fucking yoda.

At 12:43 AM EDT, Anonymous Rudy Giuliani - Cobra (and Yankee) fan for life said...

You may be a fat yoda, but I love the Cobra coverage! COBRA! Hey Derek, meet me at the usual place.


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