Monday, January 20, 2014

Draft 2014

Here are the first 3 picks:

1. Detroit Robb Stark, 3B
2. Green Day Roger Blackwood, RHP
3. Mars Jaime Lannister, OF

Hawaii picks next


At 5:36 PM EST, Anonymous Kana Wake said...

Hawaii selects SP Greg Kosman.

Hollywood is on the clock.

At 11:41 AM EST, Blogger Lyman L Solo said...

Hollywood selects RHP Fozzy "wocka" Wacha.

At 2:56 PM EST, Blogger Lyman L Solo said...

Next picks...

6. Ser Gregor Clegane, OF, Chicago
7. Aaron Christian, C, Louisville
8. Jared Pollard, closer, Texas
9. Ryan Hill, LHP, Toledo

Las Vegas picks next

At 12:30 AM EST, Anonymous Boba Fett said...

Las Vegas selects RHP Jeff Radebaugh

At 5:42 PM EST, Anonymous Eddie Of Utah said...

Next group of picks:

STL SS Orlando Strickland
PHI P Scott Elzy
SPR P Steven Bergdall
ALA SS Addison Hill
UTE OF Erick Reinfelder
BOS 2B Paul Trinidad
BA OF Preston Greenfield
NYK C Bryan Gambeski
LA OF Albert Hernandez
CLE P Drew Tobin
PHO P Todd Herges
TOR P John Alvis
CHA 3B Erik Rivera

Florida picks next

At 12:56 PM EST, Anonymous Yoda said...

Pitcher James Batts, Florida selects. Strong with the Force is he.

At 1:08 PM EST, Anonymous Ken Rosenberg said...

ORL SS Denio Gutierrez
BAL P Trent Harris
NYC P Nolan Stephens
DEN 3B Ed Steppke

Portland up next, then Miami to complete the first round.

At 6:03 PM EST, Anonymous Jeffrey Lewis said...

Portland selects 1B and northman Jon Snow. Despite joining the team in Arizona for Spring Training, Snow would only say "Winter is coming" when asked for his reaction to the selection.


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