Sunday, January 12, 2014

Manager Job Openings

There are currently 5 manager openings in the Superior league, and 3 in the major league.  These teams have fired their managers:

Springfield (McBain)
Boston (Floyd)
Texas (Berman)
Cleveland (Antilles)
Toledo (Cruz)

Hollywood (McCoy)
Bay Area (Cartman)
Detroit (Hayes)

In addition, in LasVegas Boba Fett has replaced himself with Jose Canseco.  In Green Day, Slash Dixon is out, but Justin Lewis will take over.

Some candidates looking for their first shot to manage are:  Damon Nkik, Jason Gambini, Glen Porter, Del Holdsworth, Walter Lewis, Lando Calrissian Jr, Elvis Myers, Pudge Fernandez, Keith Grace, Matt McCoy, Juan Ordonez, Todd Allen, Miles O'Brien, and Skip Yoder.


At 10:38 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big rumor out of Hawaii that Wake is trying to convince Elvis to return to Hawaii to become hitting coach but with the pay of a manager. Speculation is high that Wake sees Elvis as a potential manager of the Hounddogs...


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