Saturday, January 26, 2013

Signings 1-26-2013

George Rivera heads to LA, joining the Shockers for 5 years and 65 million.  He will likely play center and left field for the team, center when Paul Riley is in the lineup, and left when Damon Lewis is in.

Charlie Howard resigns with Utah for 2 years and 20 million.  He's a perfect fit in Battletrap's bases-loaded offense.  Anakin Solo, coming off the best season of his career at age 37, will stay in Charlotte for 2 years and 30 million. 

John Hafner goes to Orlando for 6 years, 102 million.   Paul White goes to Phoenix for 4 years and 66 million.  He'll play first this year, but is likely to finish his career there as a designated hitter.

Mars signs defensive specialist Rafael Jimenez for 2 years, 14 million.  Mike Solar joins Green Day for 2 years, 19 million.

And in the biggest move of the day, Justin Zoolander is heading to Portland for 7 years and 161 million.  This is believed to be the second largest deal ever given to a pitcher, after Pedro Lewis's 10 year, 210 million dollar deal in New York.  While he will not make as much as Suzuke Mazdahonda per season, it is more guaranteed money, and also a million more than Don Law's famous contract.  The stage was set for this deal last week, as Portland traded away Zoolander's rival, Hansel Wilson.  The Decepticons are gambling that Zoolander, 8-15 last year, can learn how to use his otherworldly stuff to win games while pitching after Roger Lewis and throwing to George Kird.


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