Saturday, September 22, 2007

Toledo's magic number is three

With 4 games to play, the Mud Hens have a 3 game lead against the Sluggers and Colts. Those 2 teams have a better shot against New York for the East division, as they are 2 games back. It will not be easy, as New York's next 4 games are against last place Orlando, followed by 2 against 4th place Boston (and we know New York always beats Boston this time of year). The Sluggers play Miami for 4 while Baltimore has 4 in Fenway. The Sluggers and Colts then play the last two games against each other.

After reducing their magic number to one, Charlotte proceeded to lose 6 in a row while Toledo got hot, but they finally clinched on 9/24 with a 14-6 win over Springfield.

In the west, Utah has 100 wins with 4 to play, and is 26 games ahead of second place Mars. Henry Rollins, the Saving Ute, has set a new club record with 51 saves.


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