Sunday, October 22, 2017

World Series preview: Greatest pitching staff ever?

The NY Cobra rode their superstar pitching to the Major league pennant. They were very balanced, with no pitcher having an ERA north of 3.55.  Three relievers pitched full seasons with ERAs under 1, Tonka had a 2.23, Hamburg 2.77, and the other three starters were no worse than 3.23.  Overall they had a team ERA of 2.77 in a league of 3.69.  They were 33% better than the league, a figure topped by only one team : the legendary 1987 Shockers.

The Shockers had 6 innings with 6 earned runs from late season callup Don Johnson, other than that every other pitcher had no worse than a 2.79 ERA.their team ERA was 2.39 in a league of 3.23, 35 percent better than the league.

The 2017 Cobra did set a record with 1563 strikeouts, topping the 1988 Denver Rabbits.


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